Latest Prosthetic & Orthotic Technologies

There are many different types of components available for various activities and lifestyles. During the initial evaluation and interview, we will match the componentry that best suits the patientŐs needs, activity level and lifestyle.

Some of the components available through the various manufacturers include:

Springer Prosthetic & Orthotic Services - Custom Fitted Prosthetics
A 78-Year-Old Bionic Man...(30sec.):

Dave Beck’s ankle was crushed in car crash and later amputated. He found the professional help he needed from Joe Springer and his staff at Springer Prosthetics and Orthotic Services, in Lansing. They custom fit Dave with a bionic ankle and foot called the BiOM (now improved and called the emPOWER Ankle). At 78 years old, Dave has returned to his active lifestyle and his passion: daily golf.

Knee Units
Springer Prosthetic & Orthotic Services - Custom Fitted Prosthetics
Power Knee

A Mid-Michigan double above-the-knee (AK) amputee receives a pair of Össur Power Knees™ from Springer Prosthetic and Orthotic Services, Inc.



Protection from further injury is very important during the healing process. Springer Prosthetic and Orthotic Services will fabricate a Custom-Fit Face Mask out of an impact-resistant thermoplastic, to control swelling and to prevent re-injury to the affected site.

Unlike the "off-the-shelf-one-size-fits-all" type of mask that utilizes pads with varying thicknesses to achieve a fit to the contours of the patient's face, the Custom-Fit Face Mask utilizes the frontal, zygomatic, and infraorbital regions of the anterior aspect of the skull to achieve total surface pressure, insuring additional protection of the injured area. The result is less bulky, lighter in weight, less restriction to vision, and the fit is custom shaped to the patient's facial structure.

The fitting process will require a minimum of two visits and can be completed in 2-3 days. A full facial cast impression is taken, and from that impression a Custom-Fit Face Mask is fabricated and fit to the patient.