Patient Testimonials

GM-engineer Sue Maus lost her leg in a car-bicycle crash. Long waits for prosthetics, parts and service prompted her to switch to Springer Prosthetics and Orthotic Services. Because SPOS has a dynamics in-house lab, Sue’s wait time was cut to hours instead of weeks.

“You do such great work and provide me with personal care and attention like nowhere else.”

Sue Maus - Haslett, MI

In July of 2015 Joe Robertson lost his lower right leg due to diabetes complications. He endured seven months of constant pain during which he tried to get a properly fitted replacement from a prosthetist in Jackson. Joe and his wife Joann finally fired that company and drove to Lansing beginning a rewarding relationship with Springer Prosthetics, where they got the care they deserved. This is Joann’s testimonial:

“I'm not sure how I can put my feelings into words. Joe Springer gave us hope and most of all he would give Joe his life back as much as was possible, through all that he could do and with every resource out there. He encorages Joe, and of all the health care professionals I've met, there is NO ONE that is truly as caring a person as Joe Springer.”

Joann Robertson - Somerset, MI

When it comes to receiving our exclusive high-quality care, travel distance is not an issue for our patients. They visit from Texas, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, Alpena, Traverse City, Grand Rapids, Detroit, Kalamazoo and South Haven, as well as the regional community. Please take a moment to read the amazing stories and recommendations of our patients, and view their testimonials video.


"I am an active 56-year-old below-the-knee amputee. I lost my leg in a snowmobiling accident 33 years ago, so it wasn't a normal surgical amputation. This made it very difficult to fit a leg well enough to not slow down my very active lifestyle. Working full time and performing the farm activities of bailing hay and working with the animals, I needed to be able to walk well.

I had problems being fitted for a prosthesis from day one, having tried various prosthetic facilities with little or no success, until I went to Springer Prosthetic and Orthotic Services. The are not only well qualified (my leg fits great), but also great to work with. The staff have been very cooperative and caring, going out of their way to accommodate my travel time and made sure things were finished on time so I wouldn't have to make another trip.

During the time I spent at the facility being fit, I had the opportunity to watch the owner, Joe Springer, work with children in my position. I was so very impressed with the way he handled them. If I had a child that needed a prosthesis, I would want them to be treated in the same manner.

I can't say Thank You enough to Joe and his staff for all they have done for me. God Bless you all."

Rosie Perrin - Harrisville, MI

"After losing part of my leg to infection, I did not have to wait long to receive my above-the-knee prosthesis from Springer Prosthetic and Orthotic Services. In fact, the preparatory was brought and fit while I was still in the rehab unit of the hospital. Through the encouraging persistence of the therapists and the prosthetists working together I relearned walking.

The staff at SPOS was pleasant and professional. I never wanted to be a whiner, and the staff seemed to know that I wasn't making up the pain, and didn't try to give me a placebo — they would find the area causing the pain and address it. And they were willing to go out of their way to make it work for me.

How can I describe the way my prosthesis feels? Well, it doesn't! I forget I have it on, it's so much a part of me!"

Jack Waters - Lansing, MI

"I have been a below-the-knee amputee my entire life, and Joe Springer has been taking care of me since childhood. When I reached adolescence I was most concerned with how my prosthesis looked, and Joe's staff always made the extra effort to make it appear as natural as my other leg.

The staff at Springer Prosthetic has been absolutely wonderful! Last minute appointments are never a problem. One phone call and someone will be able to help you. If you're confused about insurance, Linda Burcham, the office manager, is more than helpful in being able to explain it to you.

There are so many wonderful things about Springer Prosthetic and Orthotics that this short statement will never cover! When someone needs work performed on his or her prosthesis, the staff always has a kindhearted attitude and makes sure that you are as comfortable as possible."

Polly Ramsey - Lansing, MI

"I have been an active person all my life - in high school I ran track and still hold the mile and two mile school records. I've been a waitress since I was eighteen and spent most of my life on my feet.

But after a motorcycle accident left me a below-the-knee amputee in 2001, it appeared my active life was over. In June of 2002, I was referred to Springer Prosthetic and Orthotic Services in Lansing. The people there were friendly and the atmosphere was pleasant. They made me feel right at home. Everything was set up around my time and schedule and the 700 mile trip to Lansing. After a week of appointments, I was sent home with a new, more advanced prosthetic leg.

In September 2002 I was able to return to work full time and do the things I love to do. Without the wonderful people at Springer Prosthetics, I would have never come this far! Things have improved so much and are getting easier every day."

Lori Walsh - Munising, MI

"I lost my leg to cancer when I was six years old. When I first came to Springer Prosthetic and Orthotic Services, I thought Joe was really big and he was funny, and he took care of all the modifications and adjustments I needed as I grew. I'm now a teenager and deal every day with the challenges of growing and actively playing sports. I've had five different types of prostheses through the years, each one changing according to my growth, weight and activity level. Conditioning for, and playing on a basketball team really tests the limits of my leg."

Jake's mother adds "Joe is great with kids. He was careful to explain everything and present the pros and cons of the new styles, and what might work best for Jake. He was patient with Jake's questions and our concerns, and encouraged Jake in his pursuits. He worked with us."

Jake Perry, and his mother Marsha - Lansing, MI

"I am currently a ninth grader and I enjoy the fall season hunting in the woods with my dog Pepper. When winter comes, it will be a time to snowmobile, and spring and summer will bring fishing, riding my quad, and other outdoor activities. I do all this while wearing my ankle foot orthoses (AFOs) to give my legs support. Without these braces I can't walk.

The AFOs provided by Joe help me balance when I walk. They have a unique strapping system that helps control the position of my feet ankle and foot joints. The straps keep my ankles in alignment so that my ligaments and muscles are positioned properly for greater control while walking.

As long as I can tolerate wearing these AFOs, I'll be outdoors enjoying my hobbies!"

Justin Fisher - Onondaga, MI